Welcome to the MVJ College of Engineering Community

Dear MVJCEians,

MVJCE is happy to inform and invite all MVJCEians to our alumni association web portal. When we were students we had certain dreams and plans for the future. We then embarked on a profession. It is always a pleasure to be in constant touch with your Alma Mater wherever you are.
Let's all catch up on the old times and walk down the memory lane. We hope the Alumni of all the batches would join the web portal of MVJCE. Since many of you have been away from this place for many years, it will be wonderful to meet old friends after long time and foster new ties as well . It is a great opportunity to virtually interact with your college mates to relish and refresh your past memories.
As an alumnus of MVJ, we look forward for your intellectual contribution in all areas for the development of the college and the Alumni Association. We would certainly want your continued and valued association with our esteemed institution.

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